Pool Cabanas

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popular Pool Cabana styles

  • Canexel Catalina Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 1045
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    The 5-sided Catalina pool house with bar (optional) is the perfect storage solution for awkward spaces in your backyard bringing spacious style indoors.

  • Cedar Verana garden sheds Summerwood ID number 166386
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    Our sleek and modern Verana is one of our most popular pool cabana styles. The flat roof and variable overhead give it a contemporary look.

  • Cedar Dune Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 111727
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    The Dune pool cabana is a contemporary choice when it comes to pool house storage, perfect for those looking for standout style.

  •  Urban Studio Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 178826
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    Urban Studio

    The Urban Studio pool cabana is a sleek choice when it comes to storing pool accessories or toweling off by the pool.

  • Cedar Sonoma Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 97384
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    The Sonoma is an always pleasing pool cabana choice, with a classic pool house design that effortlessly blends into its surroundings.

  • Palmerston Workshops Summerwood ID number 169321
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    The Palmerston pool cabana is a Summerwood favorite with a roof construction that allows for easy pool accessory storage.

  • Cedar Windsor Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 42586
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    You’ll love the old world charm of the Windsor pool cabana, boasting beautiful French doors. A pool house that turns heads!

  • Cedar Santa Cruz Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 32158
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    Santa Cruz

    You’ll be California dreamin’ with the Santa Cruz pool house, the perfect place to entertain and towel off.

  • San Cristobal Spa Enclosures Summerwood ID number 9760
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    San Cristobal

    Make a style statement in your backyard with the San Cristobal pool cabana, boasting European charm and great storage.

  • Copper Creek Workshops Summerwood ID number 90356
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    Copper Creek

    Get a practical pool house with the Copper Creek, always classic and ideal for storage, entertainment and changing.

  • Cedar Barside Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 183352
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    The Barside pool cabana offers a wonderful bar area for those who love to entertain by the poolside.

  • learn more / design your own


    The Surfside pool cabana offers a changing area, loads of space for pool accessory storage, and can even double as a guest house!

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Pool Houses - What Will
Yours Look Like?

Summerwood offers many styles of pool sheds, all of which you can modify with details to suit your needs. Or design your pool house from the ground up in our pool cabanas design center. Your final design will be a mix of the practical and decorative. For instance, you may want to complement your surroundings and home. (Then again maybe not. Have some fun. Be different.) Do I want bar windows for entertaining, partitions for changing, an outdoor shower? You'll also need to think about the seasons it's not in use. Do you insulate? What about plumbing and wiring to code? These all affect your design choices.

If you want, send us drawings of your dream pool house and we will work with you to create a design that fits the bill for your style and tastes.